Free Electricity 

Tired of enormous Electric Bills ?
Trying to save as much as possible of our environment ?  
This is your product , Photovoltaics or in short PV , which is able to cut your electricity bill by 90-100% through integrating with your current electrical system
We can also install our products all around the Country and work with several strategic partners and distributors in order to make each order as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about our products and services, please get in touch today.



PV system connected directly to the electricity grid.

The system consists of PV array connected to on-grid inverter then to the electricity grid directly.

The system advantage:

1.Less Expensive than the Off-Grid System

2.Higher Reliability Due to the Absence of a battery

3.Saves electricity, saves money


Optimum use suggested for such a system when there is a lack of electric supply as in the case of a remote area or in case of continuous power outages. 

The system uses batteries to store energy to operate.

The system consists of PV array connected to Off-grid inverter (Inverter/charger) which charge the battery bank then provides the load with 220Volt AC.

The system advantage:

1.More environmental than the diesel generator in remote area.

2.More Budget Friendly than that of the diesel generator.


This system indulges various power generation capabilities including a backup battery store to ensure power supply 24*7 .

The system advantage:

  1. Various power sources

  2. Fuel Saver once integrated with your electric grid 


The system concept is to operate submersible water pumps from wells using solar PV system.

The system consists of PV array connected to solar VFD to operate the submersible pump.


The system advantage:

1. Minimize diesel usage/cost or optimally eliminate diesel all together.

2.Lowest maintenance cost possible.

3. 25+ Working Years Guaranteed 


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